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What does it mean to be a UCLARA member? It means access to programs and events. Active groups to join. Opportunities to connect to former colleagues and find other retirees with shared interests. 

Member Benefits

How Dues Are Used

Where do your dues go? UCLARA spending falls into five major categories. Only about 3% of expensed are considered "miscellaneous" or uncategorized. 

40% Member Communications

This is the biggest category of expense, much of it related to the UCLARA website. Our board members and other volunteers rely on a robust software package that's used to process event registrations, manage membership (including member passwords and on-line payment of dues), update the website, and keep www.retirees.ucla up and running. Most members get the newsletter in PDF format via email, but we do print and mail a small number of copies. 

24% Advocacy/Affiliate Support

Unfortunately, retirees sometimes encounter problems with faulty university systems or other widespread issues. An individual retiree doesn't have much leverage in that kind of situation. That's why UCLARA bands together with other UC campuses to make the administration aware of recurrent problems, and to press for solutions. UCLARA is affiliated with the Council of University of California Retiree Associations (CUCRA) and the Association of Retiree Organizations in Higher Education (AROHE).  UCLARA pays dues to these organizations and supports attendance at conferences so that our voice is heard in Oakland and Sacramento.

17% Member Programs/Events

UCLARA subsidizes programs and events so that they are available free or at modest cost to members. Some of this is venue expense - for instance, the use of the Faculty Center for the After Lunch Programs and other activities. Sometimes  program fees are subsidized: for example, in-person and virtual programs from L.A. Conservancy, Art Muse Los Angeles, and other groups. 

8% Member Outreach

Information packets and refreshments at receptions are some of the expenses related to reaching out to new retirees. 

8% Staff Scholarships and Campus Support

UCLARA provides career staff development scholarships, enabling current staff to attend conferences, classes or staff enrichment activities. We also support campus programs such as the Emergency Crisis Response Team, Student Technology Campaign, and Food Closet.  

This spending analysis is based on the 2018-19 fiscal year. Subsequent fiscal years were disrupted by the pandemic. UCLARA spent more on virtual programs and less on in-person programs and conferences. 

Retiree Privileges

Over the years, UCLARA has helped achieve a variety of privileges for retirees, including: 

    • Parking discounts - annual passes and daily discounted ePermit (formerly known as RideCard)
    • Bruin Online email continuation
    • Retiree BruinCards, which also serve as library cards
    • Central Ticket Office discounts - UCLA events, theme parks and movie theaters
    • UCLA Recreation discounts and UCLA Extension class discounts
    • Faculty Center membership discounts
    • Eligibility to join the University Credit Union
    • Belmont Village retirement community waiting list priority

    You don't need to be a UCLARA member to enjoy these privileges - but without UCLARA's advocacy, they might not exist. 

    The UCLA Emeriti/Retirees Relations Center (ERRC) coordinates retiree privileges. Please visit or call 310-825-7456 for details.

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