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Advocacy:  A Crucial Component of UCLARA

Advocacy is an important component of the UCLARA mission. We advocate for our members, to protect and enhance retiree benefits. We also advocate on behalf of UCLA and the UC system.

UCLARA works closely with the Council of University of California Retiree Associations (CUCRA), which was established in 1993 as the voice of University retirees. CUCRA, UCLARA, other UC campuses and laboratories monitor discussions that take place at the Office of the President about retiree health and other benefits. CUCRA also participates in a continuing dialog with UC leadership that has resulted in:

  • Leveraging retiree benefits and working toward ensuring the best coverage for retirees in the long term.   
  • The UC President giving resources to fund healthcare coordinators on campuses.
  • Communicating information to retirees. For example, at one point a proposal by the UC Office of the President would have eliminated several healthcare choices now available to retirees. When this was communicated to retirees, an outpouring of concern limited the extent of the proposed changes.  
  • CUCRA working closely with the UC Retirement Administration Service Center (RASC) to advocate for improved retirement support in the survivor benefits area, benefits for retirees living out-of-state, and pharmacy benefit management, among other issues. UC now has 70,000 retirees, dependents, and surviving family members, and $3.0 billion in benefit payments. 

UCLARA also works with UCLA Government and Community Relations. This unit coordinates with the campus community, the University of California, and national, state and local governmental entities to generate support for UCLA's interests. A good example is the annual UC Advocacys Day in Sacramento. Retirees go with students, faculty, staff and alumni to blanket the capitol and speak with legislators representing Southern California. 

Email the Retirees Association at

Or phone the UCLA Emeriti/Retirees Relations Center at 310-825-7456

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